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Atlas Machinery Group (Iran Cold Pressing) has always made an effort to keep pace with global developments, by relying on world-class knowledge, to promote the country’s lubrication industry. Respectfully, we have obtained numerous standards and certificates from domestic and foreign authorities in order to provide convenience to our customers as well as partners for a device which is compatible with international standards.

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Butter and Tahini making machine


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In the cold press method, the oil grains are not heated before extraction and only by applying high pressure and rotating the spindle inside the machine, the oil are removed from the grains. The outcome of this method is a virgin oil which is genuinely healthier.
Using cold press oil machines of Atlas Machinery Complex (IranCold Pressing), all kinds of oily seeds and fruits can be pressed for oil.
Substances such as white pepper granules, black pepper, turmeric, rock salt, wheat and barley, elm, ginger, etc. are easily powdered with the Atlas Machine Grinder.
Using Iran Cold Pressing Buttering Machine, butter can be produced from nuts and oilseeds such as hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts, pistachios, etc. Furthermore, tahini could be produced from seeds such as sesame using our Tahini Making Machine.
Yes, the softness/roughness of the product can be easily adjusted using the output adjustment handle which is implemented into this device.
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